Using the accelerator Chapter 5 Pages 89 - 96

Depress the accelerator:

  • To increase road speed

  • To maintain road speed e.g. when cornering or going uphill

Release the accelerator:

  • To reduce engine speed and slow the vehicle down

The balance and grip coefficient of your vehicle will vary greatly depending on whether you have Front Wheel, Rear Wheel or 4 Wheel Drive and you may require additional training to master the use of a new vehicle. You will be expected to explain how the transmission system in your vehicle affects performance during your Cockpit Drill.

Jerky acceleration is uncomfortable for passengers, puts unnecessary strains on the vehicle, reduces tyre grip and increases fuel consumption. Use accurate and smooth movements to depress or release the accelerator.

Remember - Ease and Squeeze

Acceleration Sense

Is the ability to vary vehicle speed in response to changing road or traffic conditions by accurate use of the accelerator, so that you can use the brakes less or not at all.

This uses less fuel, causes less tyre wear and reduces carbon emissions, this is especially true for the particulates produced by diesel vehicles which produce the familiar cloud of smoke to suddenly increase road speed.











‘Diagrams and text from Roadcraft – The Police Rider’s Handbook, published 2013 by The Stationery Office (TSO) © Police Foundation copyright 2013. Reproduced with permission from the Police Foundation.’