Slowing Down and Stopping Chapter 5 Pages 112 - 118

The correct position for your hands on the steering wheel is at 9 O-Clock and 3 O-Clock this has been changed in recent years due to the force exerted by airbags which could otherwise force your arms into your face at 200mph if the bag deploys.



A well maintained vehicle driving along a flat, straight road should hold its position with minimal steering. Camber, crossfall or side winds can move the vehicle to one side but a small steering adjustment will keep the vehicle on a straight course.

The correct technique is the Pull-Push method which provides safe and efficient steering in a wide range of circumstances.

The correct seating position is found where you can depress the clutch with your knee still bent and you have the wheel held with both elbows slightly bent.







‘Diagrams and text from Roadcraft – The Police Rider’s Handbook, published 2013 by The Stationery Office (TSO) © Police Foundation copyright 2013. Reproduced with permission from the Police Foundation.’