Night Driving - Chapter 3 Information, observation and anticipation, pages 42 - 66

Chapter 4 Anticipating hazards in the driving environment, pages 68 - 84


Driving at night puts greater demands on your vision, it is harder to see in anything other than full daylight. Even a slight eyesight irregularity can cause stress and tiredness. If you find you are unexpectedly tired from driving, especially at night, get your eyes tested as soon as possible.



At night it is vital that your information is clear, you may not realise a changing circumstance until much later due to lower visability.


  • Clean Glass

  • Clean Lights

  • Check washer fluid










‘Diagrams and text from Roadcraft – The Police Rider’s Handbook, published 2013 by The Stationery Office (TSO) © Police Foundation copyright 2013. Reproduced with permission from the Police Foundation.’