An Introduction To Commentary


Roadcraft does not yet give advice on commentary and although a period of commentary for 15 - 20 minutes during your test will demonstrate various competencies it is not absolutely essential if you demonstrate through your drive the required competencies.

Remember your commentary is you verbalising The System of Car Control

As you begin to do commentary you will quickly realise that there is way too much information available for you to comment on it all.

Examiners are listening for how & what you notice and then apply The System to the changing conditions.

Remember check ALL your mirrors as your first response to ALL new information.

Information - Zebra crossing in 30 limit by a school at 3:15

Position - Taking position near crown of road to give maximum visability of both sides of the crossing

Speed - Covering brake in case I need to stop, plan to stop - look to go

Gear - Maintaining 3rd gear for the road tolerance

Acceleration - As I pass the hazard I switch back from covering brake and build back up to the assigned road speed

You will be expected to correctly identify road signs as they will almost always require several cycles of The System to negotiate safely. It is not good enough to 'kind of' describe them, the correct names are important.

Many drivers that have been driving for some time should refresh their knowledge of the correct terminology by buying:

Watch the video and look to model this approach on your next drive.









‘Diagrams and text from Roadcraft – The Police Rider’s Handbook, published 2013 by The Stationery Office (TSO) © Police Foundation copyright 2013. Reproduced with permission from the Police Foundation.’